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User and Group Management

User account and group membership information are stored under etc/users/.

A user account consists of a directory under etc/users/ that contains files with that users account information, the only required file is password containing a password for the user. For example:

% ls etc/users/
eekee  uriel  yosyp
% cat etc/users/uriel/password

Users and groups share the same namespace, you can create a group the same way you create a user but instead of a 'password' file adding a 'members' file containing the names of the group members, one per line.

A 'user-group' directory can contain both a password and members file, in which case it will act concurrently as a user and as a group.

The group 'admin' is 'built-in' and any members in that group will have admin privileges for most werc apps by default.


To create a user called glenda that is a member of the group rabbits you can do:

% mkdir etc/users/glenda/
% echo carrot > etc/users/glenda/password
% mkdir -p etc/users/rabbits
% echo glenda >> etc/users/rabbits/members


The script at bin/aux/addwuser.rc allows you to even more trivially add users.

addwuser.rc user_name user_pass [groups ...]

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